BOSST SP ZOO Commitment to User Safety and Good Practices

At BOSST SP ZOO, we are dedicated to fostering a platform that upholds good practices and ensures the safety of our users.

Below are important documents outlining our policies and terms of service:

  1. Principle of Equal Opportunities for Women and Men in Projects Funded by the European Funds 2014-2020

  2. Privacy Policy

  3. Terms and Conditions

  4. Data Processing Addendum

  5. Affiliate Agreement And Terms Of Service

  6. Earnings Disclaimer

In addition, it’s important to adhere to Facebook’s best practices:

  1. Facebook Terms of Service

  2. Self-serve Ad Terms

  3. Meta Business Tools Terms

  4. Meta Commercial Terms (“Commercial Terms”)

  5. Introduction to the Advertising Standards


Please take the time to review these documents carefully. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us.